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Wé Ani is right at home in the spotlight – the 24 year old is a budding star with screen presence, charisma to burn, and a thousand-watt smile. A once-in-a-generation talent, she takes influence from Aretha and Whitney, bringing her audience back to an era of Hollywood movie glamour, but her style and presentation could be compared to Billie Eilish, a cool, confident, edgy tomboy. The innovative jazz vocalist, pop singer, and gifted songwriter has brought memorable performances to global audiences: Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., New York , Miami and Atlanta stateside; internationally to countries including Amsterdam, and most uniquely Rwanda with the Christian humanitarian agency World Vision, whose mission is to provide clean water to every person everywhere they work by 2030. She’s performed at high-profile events, like The Trumpet Awards in 2018; at legendary venues like The New York Philharmonic; and she even played Young Ella in the Celebration of Ella Fitgerald. 

Singing since the tender age of 12, Wé Ani’s star-making turn during her show-stopping blind audition on the hit NBC TV show The Voice drew world-wide attention in 2016. People are continuously awed by the distinct difference between Wé’s speaking voice and singing voice during performances and appearances on social media. 

Wé Ani is, undeniably, a rising star. 



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